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Welcome to the game. On this site you will find rules that define a complete Role Playing Game System. I have taken pity on the game playing masses and published a game system free of charge for anyone with a computer and browser to view, download or print. So if you have been putting off purchasing the set of thirty dollar books that are offered by my competition, I think you have made the right decision. For the cost of some printer paper and some ink you can print my rules directly from this site. You are even in luck if you do not have a printer. I have provided a file so that you can download the rules to your computer and access them there.

It gets better! I have designed a world in which to base your role-playing game. This world is uniquely suited to my rules, but can be used with other game systems as well. On this site I have provided maps of the world as well as a town and its surrounding areas. A couple of game modules are even provided. This is plenty to get you off and playing West of the Wolvies and it is ALL FREE OF CHARGE.

I have provided useful forms and rule charts to make your gaming more enjoyable. You can download Character Sheets, Game Logs, and tips on how to develope your own modules. These and other forms are ALL FREE OF CHARGE.

If you do not feel like designing your own module and the ones that I provided for free are not enough, I offer additional modules at a very low cost (you knew there had to be a catch, didn't you?). I have developed some excellent modules that would cost fifteen dollars or more in a hobby store. By selling them from this site I can offer them for 1-3 dollars per module. That shouldn't damage your allowance too badly. But it does allow me to maintain this site without displaying too many slow-to-download banners.

Finally, if you are into making money as well as playing games, I buy modules that are designed to be used with my game system if they follow my design specifications. In other words, you can design a module and sell it to me. You get paid for something that you like to do and I get the benefits of adding your skill and imagination to my game system. We both win with this deal.

For now have a look around. If you want to print rules or maps, feel free to do so. Each page will have links to printer friendly pages, in case you have problems printing the graphically enhanced pages. Downloadable files are also provided for your convenience.

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