Men Without Chests

Are you a man without a chest? Maybe you are and you don't even know it. Do you ever think about honor? Can you define it? If you were in a public place and heard gun shots, whould you run away from the gun fire or would you run towards it? Is self-preservation your primary motivation in life? Can you name anything that you think is worth dying for? In what do you place your faith (if in anything)? Do you see strength in humility?

How you answer questions like these can give you an idea of what kind of man you are. You might think of yourself as a man but when you compare your views and your lifestyle to time honored definitions of manliness you might be surprised to learn that you are living your life more like a woman.

My Problem with Feminism

If the feminists sole concern was equality between men and women I would have no problem with feminism. But feminism has moved beyond the singular issue of equality. Equality is not good enough. Today's feminists, after spending half a century trying to imitate men, have set a new tack. Having failed to shape themselves into the men of their envy, they are now focused on shaping men into their image.

With a constant barrage of brain-washing propaganda from the media and from educational institutions, men are rapidly becoming more like women. Is this a bad thing? All you have to do is look around and witness the harm that has come from the change. Traditional manly traits are not valued as they used to be. Honor, humility, courage, honestly, faith, chivalry... traits that used to define a man are considered to be without value. They are outdated. Values that once were of little concern to most women are now of little concern to most men.

Manly Meter

If you are reading this there is a good chance you have seen the manly meter at some website and you followed the link to here.

The idea behind the manly meter is simple. It shows where the person, who is the object of the meter, would feel most comfortable... in the men's room or the lady's room.

Some men belong squarely in the men's room so the meter pegs to the far left. Some males will feel comfortable in either room so the meter will point upward. Then there are males (at least they are equipped to be males) who belong in a lady's room. These are the ones who have turned their back on their God given heritage and have chosen to embrace the other side. They likely sit down to pee. The meter will peg to the far right for these unfortunates.

  A manly indication!

  An unmanly indication!

In which stall do you belong?