Black Primary 2014


Congressional primaries will happen again in less than 2 years. During these primaries let's try to fire every incumbent, regardless of party.

Presidents come and go but congress is full of politicians that have been in Washington for decades. Those politicians are directly responsible for the train wreck that our nation is facing.

The senior members of congress have spent the most time driving our "Train of State" to the wreck. The more senior the congress-person, the more blame they bare for the current state of the nation.

With their large salaries, extraordinary benefits, excessive uses of power, our congress lives like royalty. Meanwhile, the average American is faced with the "new reality" of lower wages and more costly living expenses. These equate to a lower standard of living for most of us, but not so for our spoiled ruling class.

We can give them a taste of what they are feeding us by sending them home. They have clearly been in Washington for far too long.

"Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely." - Lord Acton

Lord Acton makes a good point. How do congress-people gain power in America's political system? They gain it through longevity in office. The longer they hold office, the more powerful they become... and the more corrupt they become. This is another great reason to replace everyone of them during the upcoming primary season.

You can participate in Black Primary and still remain loyal to your party.

We are not asking anyone to vote Democrat or vote Republican, the goal is to depose incumbents, regardless of party. By doing it in the primary, you can depose the incumbent and still vote for your party during the election.

This is not a movement to promote the ideology of either party, the goal is to replace politicians who have been corrupted by the power obtained by serving in DC for too long a time.

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