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Tunnels of Doom Theme

If you owned a TI99/4a personal computer from back in the 1980s, you might have played a game called Tunnels of Doom. To play the game, a Command Module (a cartridge that plugged into the computer) was required. The program itself came on a cassette tape that had to be played to load the program into the computer. So, if you still have a functioning TI99 you need the module and the cassette tape in order to play Tunnels of Doom.

Computers and cartridges age much better than cassette tapes. The oxide on tapes deteriorates over time and eventually becomes unreadable, which means it will become unreadable to your TI99 also and thus become unusable. So, I took the time to copy the sound files from an original Tunnels of Doom cassette that is still functioning.

I know what some of you are thinking... the original cassettes were copy proof. Indeed, they were copy proof to a standard cassette deck/player. But by using an audio program (Audible), I was able to increase the frequency range of the playback and record it to make a functional copy of the files.

I loaded the copied files into my TI99 and played the game again... after 30 years. When loading it into the computer I had to play around with the input volume in order to get it to work but, after some tweaking, was able to figured out the needed volume level.

So, if you have a TI99 computer and a television to hook it up to, and a Tunnels of Doom cartridge and a cassette player (to load the program into your TI99), then sit down and play yourself a game of Tunnels of Doom.

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